Coolidor A Good Alternative To Humidor?

In recent times many smokers have jumped back to an old method of storing cigars known as cooling. In which you basically store them in a fridge or a specific coolidor rather then a humidor.

This method does have some benefits so don’t discourage it without giving it a fair chance. ¬†It is also right for people who don’t want to buy an expensive humidor cause in this case you can just use a nice little cooler and it can work fine. Also there are many ways you can read on how to do this cheaply online with hundreds of quality tutorials.

What do you need?

Rather then using a humidor for cigars you will be using a cooler so the first thing you will need is that. The size of it depends on how many are you planning to store? Will they be just for your usage or are you planning to them and lots of them and store them. Depending on the amount of cigars that you want to store you can pick the size of the cooler.

The next thing you will need is a hygrometer which basically measures humidity inside boxes. They are used in humidors but you can also use them in any type of bag, box etc. Anywhere you want to humidity measured in a sealed environment they can be used.

Another thing you will need are humidifier beads which help maintain humidification inside the environment. So if you place them in a humidor they will control the humidity accordingly and in this case we will be using them inside a cooler.

You can buy them for quite cheap online and have it delivered but if you want to buy them in a store check out in hardware section.

Humidification beads should be considered when you are planning to store cigars at a certain humid level. They are used with distilled water and maintain the level quite well while also being pretty cheap and convenient to use.

Now Seasoning

Once you have all of these items it is time to start seasoning your humidor and so that you can store your cigar. It is a good idea to clean the cooler with non chemical objects so that they don’t leave any residue behind.

After cooling place the beads at both ends so it delivers evenly throughout the section. Once they have been placed correctly it is time place your cigar boxes.

That’s it, you are done. Now this might have sounded a bit too easy but it is a bit of a hassle which is why I suggest going for humidors but it is upto you ofcourse. I have also included the videos so make sure to check them out to truly grasp the idea of what we are doing.