How To Find Good Cigar Shops Wherever You Go!

I know it feels very tedious to go abroad and not have your favorite stogie with you at the time and it is annoying as hell, I understand. While you are storing them back home so is to not have them ruined while travelling internationally or even nationally.

To avoid being out of smokes through your trips these are some of the ways you can enjoy a cigar wherever you go just finding the right shop to buy from.

Ask locals

Asking locals is not the best option but it is a really good one. Locals know ins and outs of a place and they have deeper insights too what is happening where and when and how. If they know of a place that gives out quality products then they can let you know so you can go and buy.

One thing to remember is that you want to ask someone you trust like your hotel staff as they won’t try to cheat you out of it. Some locals in tourist spots have deals setup with shop to bring tourists to them. If that is the case they will take you to a bad shop which might not provide quality products and end up buying something bad.

Cigar Shops App

Nowadays there are a lot of apps available online that you can use for your self easily. Even if not apps you can search cigar shops and you will be presented with plenty of options to buy a quality stogie to enjoy.

These apps are the best option as they provide upto date information with address, number etc. Also others who have visited the shops will usually leave a review and let others know if the experience is good or not. This way you can choose to goto that shop or avoid it.

These are the 2 best ways to find cigars anywhere you go without any issues. Just make sure that where you are cigar smoking is allowed and won’t put you in a jail.