My Cigar Cutter And Cigar Lighter .. Personal Collection

Every cigar smoker has there favorite equipment that they love to use and I do too! I have always wanted to share my list of favorite equipment that I have wanted to share with everyone for quite sometime. Talking about me I experiment a lot but what I use on a daily basis has been consistent since I ever got it.  I love my personal equipment and have been using them for quite sometime.

Though it is important to keep in mind that I do keep trying new cutters and lighter all the time my favorite has always remained these for the reasons I will explain below.

So what do I look for in cigar cutters and lighters?

Basically I want convenience. The thing is I am a lazy guy and anything with a complicated process of using and maintenance is a big no no for me. I have to use something that is easy to use and maintain for a long time without any hassle. So things like high priced equipment even though I have tried them multiple times and like them I have never used them for a long time.

Another important aspect to my purchases are price, I replace a lot and that is mainly because I either end up losing them or breaking them or they stop working. As I said above I don’t like to maintain things so overtime and by that I mean a year or two and not a month things stop working so I want to replace them and continue on with my life.

The problem is if I buy expensive stuff which you have to maintain that stuff breaks very easily so now I have to replace it within months of buying them and I am not Donald Trump rich to just keep replacing stuff.

With that in mind let’s look into my favorite equipment.

My Favorite Cigar Cutter And Cigar Lighter

Let’s start with my favorite cutter.

Xikar teardrop cutter is my favorite cigar cutter that I have been using for years and probably will keep using them for a long time to come. The reason is simple Xikar is a respectable brand and there warranty is just out of the world. Things just work and they work for a long time.

My favorite from there collection is Xikar graphite which has a sort of graphite finish which makes it amazing to hold and cut with. Blows my mind how awesome it feels in hand, it is also sturdy so no cheap material used and the cutter just works!

Let’s jump into my favorite cigar lighter.

Again it’s going to be a xikar product simply because of there warranty. As I told you above I like changing my gear every couple of years and sometimes the gear breaks down before that. In which xikar’s warranty helps me get an exchange without hassle for minimal cost if not any.

My favorite cigar lighter is Xikar carbon fiber. As you can tell from cutter choice I like rough objects rather then those glossy slippery tiny stuff. Which is why I love xikar carbon fiber that has a chasis design in front and a sturdy with rough exteriors to give it that perfect touch and hold in hand.



These are two pieces of equipment that I have loved and used for a long time and if you are wondering why I haven’t included the humidor then do not worry cause that topic will require an entire post on its own and I will share that very soon.

Thanks for reading.